Frequently Asked Questions - Advertising

Advertising Placement Do I have to place all advertising through the Contractor?

Yes, if you are a Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entity under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act), all advertising must go through the Contractor. Corporate Commonwealth Entities under the PGPA Act are not mandated to place their advertising through the Contractor, however are encouraged to, to ensure value for money considerations.

At what point am I committing funds?

Once a Participant has provided the Contractor with a signed MBA, this becomes the ‘contract’ between the Participant and the Contractor, and the funds have been committed. Participants should ensure that relevant internal approvals are in place prior to this commitment. If a Participant withdraws an advertisement after an MBA has been approved and signed by the Participant. The Participant may be required to reimburse the Contractor for Fee for Service items.

I need to urgently book advertising. Can I direct the Contractor to book this without a signed MBA?

No. Under the Deed, the Contractor cannot book or place any advertising without a signed MBA.

Invoicing Can I ask the Contractor to invoice my department for services not yet performed?

No. The Deed does not allow the Contractor to invoice Participants for services not yet rendered.

Can I dispute an invoice that I think is incorrect?

Yes, however any amount on the invoice that is not in dispute should be paid.

Reporting Do I have to comply with AusTender reporting obligations under CPRs in relation to this Whole-of-Government arrangement?

Yes, if you are a Participant bound by the CPRs and the expenditure exceeds $10,000. Refer to the AusTender Reporting Advertising Guide for further information on AusTender reporting.

What reports can the Contractor provide?

The Contractor can provide reports relating to expenditure and spot schedules. These reports are referenced in the Deed, clause 17, Appendix 2 to Schedule 1 – Reporting and Data Specification.  A copy of the Deed for Participants is available on Govdex.

Customer Feedback How do I provide feedback about advertising services provided by Universal McCann?

You can provide feedback by contacting Universal McCann in the first instance:

Campaign Advertising & General Enquiries
Brett Elliott (General Manager)
Phone: +61 2 9994 4203

Non-Campaign Advertising
Phone: +61 7 3105 3103

Verification & Invoice Enquiries
Simon Grace
Head of Partnerships, Government
Phone: +61 2 9994 4232

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