Grants connected policies

Grant Connected Policies outlines the administrative framework to ensure future Grants-Connected Policies (GCPs) and Procurement-Connected Policies (PCPs) are applied effectively at a whole-of-government level.

GCPs are whole-of-government policies which entity staff must take into account before awarding a grant and/or which may impose requirements on grant applicants or recipients in order to receive a grant. Such requirements would be additional to the usual grant application or program guidelines, terms and conditions.


The key principles for Grants Connected Policies are that they:

  • do not form part of the CGRGs, but are standalone policies that are recognised in grants administration and are the responsibility of the entity that owns the policy;
  • should minimise any administrative burden and associated compliance costs for Commonwealth entities, grant applicants, recipients and beneficiaries;
  • should not unduly increase risks for the Commonwealth and/or grant applicants, recipients and beneficiaries; and
  • should not stifle competition, innovation or financial viability for grant applicants, recipients and beneficiaries.

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RMG – 415 Commonwealth Grants and Procurement Connected Policies

Grant Connect Policies

An Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Plan may be required where a grant is $20 million or more and use of relevant money may involve the acquisition of goods or services that can be purchased internationally.Officials are required to consult with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) to confirm if an AIP plan is likely to be needed for a particular grant (see

Policy/Guidance Policy Description Policy Department Contact
Australian Industry Participation Plans for Government Grants

The Australian Industry Participation (AIP) National Framework applies to major Commonwealth Government grants ($20 million and more).

Successful grantees for certain Commonwealth grants maybe required to prepare and implement an AIP Plan.

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Australian Industry Participation Policy Team

02 6213 6404

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