CBMS Training

Training on CBMS is a requirement for access and useful for understanding the processes associated with the different tasks in the system.

The CBMS Overview eLearning module is a prerequisite for all users. Once this overview is successfully completed, the other eLearning courses will become available.

CBMS users are required to undertake the eLearning module/s applicable to their CBMS user role, e.g. if a user’s role requires them use the Cash Management module, they must successfully complete the Cash Management Overview eLearning module.

eLearning provides the necessary tools for all CBMS users to complete their tasks in the system. Instructor Led Training (ILT) may be run from time to time to provide additional support on specific modules or with new content.

Please refer to Fact Sheet 02 – Training for CBMS.


Finance users will be able to logon to CBMS to access eLearning courses. All eLearning courses require a pass mark of 80 per cent before access to that module or component of the system is provided.

Entity users will be emailed links to the CBMS eLearning courses. The links are also available on the CBMS GovTEAMS site and in the CBMS User Reference Material. All eLearning courses require a pass mark of 80 per cent before access to that module or component of the system is provided. The eLearning links do not record the assessment results, so entity users will be required to a take screen shot of each successfully completed assessment and email them to the CBMS Service Centre to verify their completion of the course.

eLearning courses can be completed at your convenience, but must be completed (and the assessment passed) prior to gaining access to the relevant module or component.

The eLearning modules contain a competency based assessment component and can be attempted as many times as required, to gain the competency. The eLearning courses are:

Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses for CBMS are being scaled down now that the system has been running for a significant period of time. ILT sessions will be available to provide users with broader system knowledge and allow more time to explore the system and ask questions.

Training courses for each CBMS module/component will be run on a 'just in time' basis, 1-2 weeks prior to the scheduled use of the relevant module/component. Users may nominate for training by selecting the appropriate course from the CBMS Training Registration Form below.

Once eLearning courses have been completed, users can attend the relevant ILT course(s):

  • Annual Actuals
  • Annual Estimates Data Entry
  • Cash Management
  • Monthly Actuals
  • Monthly Estimates
  • User Defined Reporting
  • Analysis for Excel (Finance only)
  • Decision Making (Finance and Treasury only)

Training Requirements

CBMS Overview

Successful completion of the CBMS Overview eLearning module is a prerequisite for all users before undertaking training in any other modules offered via eLearning or instructor-led training.

Decision Making Module

All Department of Finance and Department of the Treasury users whose role requires them to use the Decision Making module need to either complete the eLearning course or attend instructor-led training. Note: The Decision Making module will only be available for Finance and Treasury users.

Commonwealth Resource Management Framework

The Commonwealth Resource Management Framework eLearning program is beneficial to new users and recommended before any CBMS training is undertaken.

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