Notification of Approaches to the Market


1. The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) require entities to publish open approaches to the market on AusTender. Relevant documentation providing information on the request is to be available, to the extent practicable, for download from AusTender.

2. Entities may also choose to publish prequalified tender or limited tender approaches to the market, and to the extent possible, make relevant documentation available.

3. For relevant corporate Commonwealth entities the requirement to publish extends only to procurements valued above the relevant thresholds.

4. Advertising open approaches to the market through other avenues does not diminish the requirement to publish the approach on AusTender.

5. Amendments to an approach to market or request documentation must be made in accordance with the CPRs, including updating the documentation on AusTender.

6. In a two-stage process, such as a prequalified tender following an open request for expressions of interest, the first stage (i.e. the open approach to the market) must be published on AusTender and entities should, to the extent practicable, use AusTender to make request documents available in the second stage.


1. Notices of open approaches to the market are to include:

  • the name and contact information of the procuring entity;
  • information necessary for a potential supplier to obtain all relevant documents relating to the procurement;
  • a description of the procurement and conditions for participation;
  • the address for the submission of responses (including whether they can be submitted electronically);
  • the closing date and time for the submission of responses;
  • the anticipated commencement date and duration of the contract;
  • whether the procurement is for a standing offer arrangement; and
  • whether other entities may be able to access the procurement arrangement and, where known, who those entities are.

2. To the extent practicable, entities should make relevant documentation available for download from AusTender.

3. An entity may choose to publish notices elsewhere after the notice is published on AusTender, for example in the print media. If the notice is published elsewhere, the details selected for inclusion in that notification must be the same as those contained in AusTender and should include a reference to AusTender.

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