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Risk Management Manual - Australian Government Fleet

The Lumley Insurance Motor Fleet Risk Management Manual is based on the basic principles of risk management. It encompasses a four-step plan consisting of:

  1. Formalising a plan
  2. Reporting, data and claims administration
  3. Employment & education of drivers
  4. Collision accountability

The four steps are explained in this Manual together with suggestions and examples of how to reduce motor vehicle collisions. The key elements of a successful program are also summarised in Appendix 1.
You will notice we use the words "collision" or "incident" "rather than "accident" when describing how a vehicle was damaged. This is deliberate. In nearly every circumstance when a vehicle is damaged, human error is to blame. Collisions and incidents are not events that "happen by chance". Therefore, we do not consider the word "accident" to be an accurate description. The information contained in this Manual has been used successfully by many clients to control costs. However it is not exhaustive and as research and technology continue to advance, new methods will become available. Lumley Insurance will keep you informed of new developments by way of this Manual or by our motor fleet risk management initiatives.

Motorfleet Risk Management Manual Aust Govt V3 [591KB]

Risk Management Plan

Fleets of all sizes face the same relative risk exposure. It's the smaller fleets that may not have the resources or funds to properly manage them. With this in mind, Lumley Insurance has designed a cost effective Six Point Plan for smaller fleet operators.

Risk Management Plan Aust Govt V2 [529KB]

Self Audit

The Motor Fleet Risk Management Self-Audit was developed to enable organisations to compare and evaluate specific elements of their risk management program to what Lumley Insurance regards as best practice. Whilst there are numerous elements to a risk management program, Lumley Insurance considers the selected elements to be the most vital for a cost effective and successful program. The selections made for each element will highlight where improvement is required to reach best practice. The audit is designed to assist the Australian Government Agencies to comply with various legislative requirements imposed on them in respect of workplace safety in regard to motor vehicles. The completion of the audit will assist agencies with identifying opportunities to reduce the risk associated with operating a motor vehicle. For assistance, refer to the Motor Fleet Risk Management Manual. It describes each element in detail and provides information on other aspects of a comprehensive motor fleet risk management program.

Motorfleet Self Audit Aust Govt V3 [559KB]

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