Leased office accommodation

Commonwealth property data collection and reporting

The Australian Government Property Register (AGPR) has been established to provide a central database on the Commonwealth’s office accommodation and owned land. 

The information assists Finance and non-corporate Commonwealth entities to identify opportunities for progressively improving the management of the Commonwealth property portfolio and informs Whole-of-Australian-Government property decision-making. The AGPR also assists the Government to ensure its property portfolio aligns with current and future needs and that datasets are more transparent and easier to maintain.

Annual office space data collection

During the collection period, all non-corporate Commonwealth entities, or their Property Service Providers (PSPs), are required to compile and report data relating to their office space in accordance with the Data Collection Manual.

Data Collection Manual

Australian Government Office Occupancy Report

The Australian Government Office Occupancy Report sets out the occupational density for entities against the current target of 14 square metres of office space per occupied work point.

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