Program support - Shared Services Program

The Shared Services Program team has developed tools and activities to guide agencies and staff through their transition.

These tools and activities are iterative and continue to be improved, to better suit the needs of both the consumer agencies and hubs.

Program Change Management Strategy

The Program Change Management Strategy includes a plan for communication and stakeholder engagement.

The communication plan comprises a range of channels including: face-to-face meetings and forums; online communication and town hall events.

The communication targets specific audiences, including Australian Public Service (APS) staff and the private sector.

In addition, a change agent community of practice has been established to assist with building agencies’ capacity to deal with the changes ahead.

Transition Toolkit

A Transition Toolkit has been developed to assist consumer agencies with transition to their nominated hub.

Available on Govdex, the toolkit also includes templates and guidance for managing change in your agency.

The toolkit’s guides, checklists and templates assist agencies (and the Program) to collect corporate services data and information, and to determine and document appropriate responsibilities and workflows.

The information collected will assist both hubs and consumer agencies at various stages of a transition.

The templates and checklists are standardised, so agencies should consider the size and complexity of their transactions in using them.

Some templates may not suit all transitions, resulting in some or all of the toolkit not being required.

Use of the toolkit is not mandatory; however, it will be available to provide examples and clarity around the general steps as well as considerations at various stages of a transition project.

Targeted work streams have also been identified, along with a checklist of documentation that could be considered and developed at each phase as a guide.

Most of the deliverables within the Program will fall within four key phases; Plan, Design, Deliver, Sustain.

The terminology of these phases may vary across agencies; however the general principles behind these should be similar.

Centre of Design

With APS wide input, a Centre of Design approach is being undertaken to help hubs develop and offer standardised and comparable services.

Through regular workshops, the centre will advise the Program Advisory Group of proposed whole of government standards for the Program.

The centre is represented by subject matter experts within hubs and consumer agencies for each individual stream of work and their role is to represent the views and business requirements objectively for the best possible whole-of-government outcome.

Capability Building

The Program aims to achieve efficiencies through agencies improving process automation (including robotics), including the adoption of standard cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning systems and processes where appropriate.

The alignment of investment strategies and standardisation of business processes across hubs is critical in achieving Program benefits.

Finance is collaborating with the hubs to determine whole of government standards for the provision of corporate services. Hubs will work with agencies to implement and adopt these standards.

Funding is available to help hubs to build capability and to expedite the development and adoption of process and system standards by both hubs and consumer agencies.

Lessons learned

The APS has leveraged lessons learned by the states and territories, other national governments such as New Zealand, Canada and the UK, and private sector organisations.

These lessons have informed our staged transition approach to shared services and our governance policy, which recognises a need for strong and sustained leadership from within the APS.

Online information including a Transition Toolkit, case studies, lessons learned and key contacts will be regularly updated. A separate fact sheet provides further detail on lessons learned.

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