Standardisation - Shared Services Program

Whole of government shared service arrangements, including the Shared Services Program (the Program), are transforming the way services are delivered across the Australian Public Service (APS).

The Program’s Provider Hubs (Hubs) focus on delivering common services to other agencies, driving efficiencies across the APS through increased scale and adopting best practice approaches.

Government is committed to, and will continue to, invest in transforming the APS and its traditional operating models to drive productivity and achieve greater value for money.

This will be achieved in part by the standardisation of business systems and processes across the APS to be conducted during the initial phase of the Program until 2021.


The role of the APS is to deliver government services, policy and programs. Yet, we invest much of our valuable time and resources managing our internal day-to-day business.

The Program is working with agencies over the next six months to develop whole of government standard business processes covering corporate services.

These standards will be monitored and updated over time to account for process improvement.

These processes aim to:

  • enable consistency of corporate service operations across the APS
  • create processes that are highly repeatable and well known, define common roles and responsibilities for business processes, stages or steps.


These standards once implemented, are intended to realise numerous and significant benefits including:

  • reduced need for system customisation
  • the ability to map the difference between current and future state and enable benefits measurement
  • the ability to take process innovations from any agency and use them to benefit all agencies
  • greater ability to measure and compare performance through Key Performance Indicators
  • increased buying power with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors, implementers and consultants through adoption of standard whole of government solutions.

These benefits should enable greater transfer of skills across the APS, resulting in reduced training costs for staff movements, a greater staff talent pool and greater flexibility to manage machinery of government changes.

What processes will be standardised?

We are looking to standardise processes for all core transactional, value-add and strategic services by December 2017.

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