What does it mean?

What does shared services mean for APS staff

The Shared Services Program represents a significant change in the way we do our work and relates to Australian Public Service (APS) staff in different ways.

APS staff most likely to be involved in the Program will be the operational APS staff working in both the hubs and consumer agencies, and the end-users of corporate services in consumer agencies.

While the Program may result in changes to work practices, it is important to focus on the benefits it will deliver for all APS staff and agencies.

Most importantly, staff should contact their shared services representative or change agent within their agency to understand how the changes may affect them.

Things you should know

How will services change for me?

Services will be standardised, co-ordinated and delivered by a hub rather than by individual agencies.

This means the processes and practices you are accustomed to will likely change. Keep informed of developments related to your agency transition by contacting the shared services representative or change agent in your agency.

Will I get the same service I do now?

The Program objective is to provide more standard, compliant, transparent and accountable services than those currently provided.

Does this mean my agency will change portfolios or structure?

The Program is not intended to change agency or portfolio structures.

When will my agency be transitioning?

Hub and consumer agencies have agreed to a transition schedule that aligns with funding allocated from the Public Service Modernisation Fund from FY 2017-18 to FY 2020-21.

Please contact your shared service representative or change agent in your agency, for further details regarding your transition timeframes.

Does contestability mean this will be outsourced?

Contestability refers to the prospect of competition in public sector functions to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of contributing to achieving government’s outcomes.

What does shared services mean for my agency?

It allows agencies to focus on core priorities, frees up staff to be involved in more strategic activities and provides better access to new and emerging technologies.

Agencies will access financial benefits through economies-of-scale and shared funding arrangements. They will also have access to better corporate services data which will enable more informed strategic decision-making.

The Program offers support to hubs and agencies to build their capability in order to implement and use shared services.

Agencies are also offered the chance to contribute to new innovative ways of working by contributing to the design of the Program.

What does shared services mean for me?

The transition to shared services may involve change, but the resultant benefits will flow to all APS staff.

Talk to your nominated hub to begin transition and gain an understanding of the design and discovery phase.

Use the templates and guides available in the ‘Transition Toolkit’ (located on Govdex) to prepare your agency for change.

It is important to understand that like any change process, the benefits are most likely to be seen over the longer term rather than in the immediate future.

Who can I speak to in my agency?

Refer to your internal shared services team for the relevant contact in the first instance.

There are change agents in most agencies for you to reach out to with any questions or raise issues.

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