National Telepresence System (NTS)

NTS is a secure, high definition, digital video conferencing system that provides a high-quality spatial audio and video experience for its users. The NTS service operates on the Ministerial Communications Network (MCN) and enables meetings up to the security classification of SECRET.

All state and territory governments, DFAT, Defence, and AGD are connected through this system, as are all Commonwealth Ministers and Departmental Secretaries.

  • There are 38 large room NTS facilities across Australia.
  • There are 180 personal Telepresence units installed in the offices of Ministers, Assistant Ministers, Departmental Secretaries and senior government officers.
  • From October 2009 to September 2018, the system has hosted more than 7700 meetings, and enabled an estimated 31 000 personal video calls.
  • Commonwealth, state and territory governments have saved an estimated $149 million over the last nine years by using NTS to reduce parliamentarians and public servants' travel costs; which has also meant that more than 29 700 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions were not attributed to Australian governments.

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